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Tuesday 15 April 2008


On the weekend my football teams lost. Both of them. The reserves, for whom my hubby is official cameraman, and the Collingwood A's who were beaten by Carlton, their old foes, and a team that had lost 14 games in a row!

Since the weekend Miss Boo seems to think 3:30 is now a much better time to wake up - and I mean wake up for the day, chatting, gooing, yelling mumumumumum until I come in for a play - than 7:30 used to be.

And yesterday all of our chickens were taken by a fox. Yes all. Including Laverne who has been with us for over two years, beautiful Speckled Jim (who was a girl and the prettiest chicken ever) and four young ones who hadn't even been with us long enough to get named. Here's a piccie of a handful of them from early last year when so many of you watched this blog daily with baited breath awaiting the arrival of the chicklets. I miss you girls.

Today I feel like a wrung out sponge...
But tomorrow my mum is coming for a few days to visit! We'll shop for a bridesmaid dress, we'll watch William and Mary on DVD, we'll head down to the local pub for dinner (best steak in tha world!!!), we'll read on the couch, Miss Boo will get more cuddles than she can handle.

Annie was right, the sun will come out tomorrow. ;)