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Monday, 1 September 2008

hippo biffy 2 u!!!

Today is the Pink Heart Society's 2nd Birthday!!!

Head on over there lots this month to say your congrats, to read great posts by the fabbest pusblished Harlequin & Silhouette authors, and for the chance to win free books!!!

Head on over there today, check out the comments to find out whre you can find the best pics in town of our mascot, Hugh Jackman. I'm certain more romance heroes have been 'cast' in our minds as Hugh than as any other man.

Anne McAllister and Kate Walker will fight over who 'own's the pic of him in a towel, so I'll give you another yummy lovely clothed one ;). I wanted to use a really lovely "Harlequin Romance Hugh" pic, then discovered Trish Wylie had already taken dibs!!! So here is "Modern Heat Hugh" for your viewing pleasure.
Happy Birthday PHS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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