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Wednesday 10 September 2008

my fifteen minutes...

I didn't even get ther chance to tell y'all here about the crazy day I had yesterday before the end played out on telly this evening!

Mills and Boon flew me to Brisbane for the day to be "the author" segment in a story on EXTRA, a local TV news show, about the 100th Anniversary of Mills and Boon. They also intervewed an avid reader and someone from the Sydney office.

It was a bit of a blast being schlepped up for the day. A very early peak hour drive to the airport went very smoothly. i had time to write in an airport coffee shop and on the two hour flight. I had time to spend a leaisurely couple of hours having lunch with my mum and sister and nephew before heading off to a beautiful old Queenslander for the shoot. Half an hour I was there, then back to the airport and back home again that night!

My lovely hubby watched Boo, who I missed desperately!!! Every baby I saw at the airport practically had me sniffling like a big sook. Lucky she was still awake when I got home so I could have a cuddle.

The show was only aired in Brissy, so when I get a copy I'll stick it up on YouTube for anyone who wants a lookie!

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