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Saturday, 27 December 2008

bargains and then some

Hubby, Boo and I went shopping today. Primarily to begin looking for furnishings and the like for new bub due in May.

Oh, that's right! I don't believe I have mentioned hereupon that I'm pregnant. Well, I am!!! We are about half way along and uber-excited. Lots of belly-rubbing and name-discussing going on my household at the mo which is all sooo lovely.

Anyhoo... Today we had a blast. Post-Christmas sale time!!! For "the bump" I bought a couple of small things for the hospital bag - some socks, a beanie, some wraps - but really, naturally, number one child hit the motherload ;).

Clothes, books, ugh boots for when she's bigger. But the best thing of all was the linen. Oh my the linen!!! I had to post this picture of the bedding I bought her for her for when she moves into her big girl bed - which she won't even go into for probably over a year from now!!! But I've seen this set before, drooled, wished, imagined. And today, massively reduced, and begging to be mine - er, Boo's - it lept into our shopping bag, by way of the hotter than hot credit card. Goooorgeous huh??????

So far my Christmas has been grand. Hope yours has too!!!

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