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Thursday, 11 December 2008

going, going, gone!

Last night I sent away my nineteenth book to my lovely editor.

That moment when the story attaches to my email and I press send is like nothing else. Relief, excitement, a weight lifted. The thought that the next day I can lie on the couch and watch bad TV rather than be permanently strapped to my computer as I have been the past couple of weeks...

It was a reeeeally fun book to write. With a working title of FLIRT and these two gorgeous creatures on the left standing in as my Wynnie and Dylan I think I gave myself a pretty good head start before I even wrote a word.

On a funny side note, after spending the past few months writing the book, I changed the heroine's name on the very last day! I woke up, the new name lodged in my mind and I went for it. I wonder if I'll ever get a handle on how this writing game works ;).

Let's wait and see what my editor thinks. Wish me luck!!!