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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

new "writing tips" article

As I prepared to send my latest Modern Heat hopeful "FLIRT" off to my editor, I already began wondering what the revisions might entail. And for me that's actually a happy thought.

I love revisions, in fact I find them one of the most rewarding parts of this gig. Being able to turn a finished draft into something tighter, sweeter, sexier, funnier, cleaner and altogether better, is a thrill.

In this month's Hearts Talk, the Romance Writers of Australia magazine, I had an article published entitled "Tackling Revisions, or How to Make Your Red Pen Your Best Friend".

They had first dibs but now it's up on my website if anyone of you have been very clever and finished a book - yay you! - and are wondering what to do next.

Check it out here...

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