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Friday, 5 December 2008

a night with the society playboy

Here's a sneak peek at a later scene from my current Sexy Sensation release, A NIGHT WITH THE SOCIETY PLAYBOY, out now in Australia and New Zealand...

The slow beat of the music was seductive. But Caleb still fought against giving into the undermining scent and softness assailing him.

As was her nature Ava led. Or at least she tried to.

As was his nature Caleb couldn’t let her. Mentally cursing himself as he did it, he slid his arm far enough around her that she was pressed bodily against him.

After an excruciating minute spent trying his best to keep his steadily building desire spilling over into anything slipperier than just dancing, Ava tipped her head back and looked into his eyes.

‘Hi,’ she said.

‘Hello again,’ he returned.

‘This is nice.’

Nice? She thought the vertical foreplay they were so casually indulging in was nice? He thought it was pretty much akin to madness!

‘We could do this downstairs you know,’ he suggested. ‘Where there is an actual dance floor just for this precise purpose. Under the stars you were so taken with earlier.’

Ava screwed up her nose. ‘I hate dancing in public. I have two left feet.’

True Caleb hadn’t been paying all that much notice of her feet until that point, what with all of her other parts vying for his attention.

His voice was a good note lower when he said, ‘You’re not doing a bad job of it right now.’

Ava snuggled closer until all of her soft bits curved all too neatly against his hard bits and he had to grit his teeth to stop from throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her to the bed and ravaging her senseless.

‘Neither are you,’ she said brightly, oblivious to the volcano building inside of him. ‘Have you had lessons?’

‘Dance lessons?’ Caleb cringed. There he was feeling like Valentino and she saw Fred Astaire. ‘Ah no. I was born with unparalleled natural grace.’

‘Were you now?’ Her smile was sultry as all get out and Caleb was almost undone.

‘Just shut up and dance will you.’

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