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Saturday, 14 February 2009

happy valentines day!

My publishers sent me a goooorgeous box of long-stemmed roses. How sweet is that??? To be honest I emitted a louder 'squee!' when I spotted the Lindt chocolate at the bottom of the box ;).

Today I'm giving a library talk at the Chelsea Library in Melbourne at 1pm. Come along if you have the time!!!

You can spend part of your day downloading a free eBook from as Harlequin have put togehter a collection of stories about love. For free!!! But for one day only. One of my tales might be in there, but like you I won't know unless I download the book today, and today only.

Hope you have a lovely day... each and every day!!! Today perhaps you might like to wash the dishes for the one you love. Or fix that leaking tap you've been promising to get to. Cook dinner maybe or rent a DVD they'd love to see. that's my idea of romance ;).