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Thursday 5 March 2009

i need a hero

Having sent off book number 20 to my editor last night - squeeee!!! - I am now in search of my next Modern Heat hero.

I've had one in mind for quite a while (as he's a part of a series of linked books) but now that I am about to dive into his story, I'm not completely convinced he matches the man in my head.

Here's my man: Brooding, dark hair, blue eyes, outdoorsy, movie star good looks, a couple of tats wouldn't be out of the question. Can cahrm the knees out from under any woman he meets. Bad boy turned good, but the bad boy still lurks not all that deep beneath the surface.

Here's what I need: Art. Any names of guys out there who might help me pin him down would be much appreicated. Give me a name and I can google to my heart's content. A name. Something strong and sexy.

Anyone with anytime to help google pictures of tall, dark handsome men, feel free to join in and give me a hand!!!

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