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Monday 28 September 2009

the big show

This week my husband and the two kiddlets and I went to the Royal Melbourne Show, and boy did we have a ball!!! For those of you not from these parts, the show is a mix of fantabulous fair ground rides, sideshow attractions, show bags filled with trinkets and chocolate, and livestock competitions. Imagine a massive hall filled with every kind of prize chicken you can imagine. Very noisy!

We managed to pick a day when it didn't rain - phew!

Toddler Girl had a fabulous time in the petting pens - patting sheep, dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens and a goat. She loooved chasing the bubbles pouring out from kids' bubble-guns all over the grounds. She loooves her Sesame Street showbag and hasn't stopped playing with all the toys that came in it. Mostly she loved trying to pick up rubbish from the ground. Mmm...

My memories of the Ekka, the show I grew up attending in Brisbane, are choosing which show bags to spend my hard-saved allowance on, chowing down on strawberry ice cream and dagwood dogs (deep fried red sausaages on a stick), and swirly twirly rides that made me feel sick to the stomach (I actually passed out while on one once!)

Watching my daughter create her own memories of something that makes up such a big part of my childhood was utterly lovely.