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Thursday 1 October 2009

whatcha doin'? I'm...

WRITING: Rylie & Max, Modern Heat. Oooh do I have a good feeling about this one???

LISTENING TO: Michael Jackson backlist - The Way You Make Me Feel may yet be my latest hero and heroine's song. So why can't I stop replaying PYT??? Ah the memories...

READING: a slew of Modern Heat novels I bought from the Book Depository - free postage worldwide, gotta love that!!! Deep into Kimberly Lang and Robyn Grady right now. Both such strong voices, unique feels. Both utterly delicious. Just the kind of thing this girl loves to read! I have Lucy King's debut next in line. Can't wait!

GLOMMING: Monica McInerney, loved Family Baggage and the Alphabet Sisters.

WATCHING: one episode of Sesame Street over and over and over... Plus getting into new series Glee, Nurse Jackie, and FlashForward. Right there I have my perfect fill of sweet, sour and edge of my seat mystery. I'm set for the summer!

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