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Friday, 12 February 2010

Inspiration = setting

This is the background picture on my laptop, the image I see every time I turn my computer on. As this is the imaginary place in which I have trapped my hero and heroine from THE LONG WEEKEND (w/t) for the interim. I give you The Gatehouse, Cradle Mountain Tasmania.

Just gorgeous huh? Helpful too, for my muse.

For it's hot in Melbourne at the mo. A stuffy, sweaty, sweltery, suffocating kind of heat. So writing a book set in the middle of winter in a really cold snowy place can be understandably tricky.

Looking at this pic I can imagine my breath forming in white puffs in front of my face. My toes feel cold, even as I picture myself in double socks. It's so cold in my head my poor characters need to up their body heat one way or another.

Mmm, I wonder how they will ever manage? ;)

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