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Thursday, 6 May 2010

life as I know it

Our house is well and truly on the market right now so we are living out of baskets, ready to throw soap pumps, floor mats, and baby bibs into the car at a moment's notice in case anyone wants to come trek through our place. All this in the hopes they will think regular people can really live that sparsely!!! It's exhausting and exciting and I'm very glad it will all be over in a little under 3 weeks when the auction hammer falls.

Naturally, only to add to the drama that is my life, while all this is going on our internet has gone all sooky and sporadic on us, so for all those who've contacted me letting me know how much you've loved MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS, please accept this blanket thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to tell me so. Smooches!!! It's put onw in AUS/NZ, and still available at the Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

I'll be tweeting when I can, blogging when I have access to friends computers (like I do right now!), and happily writing away wihtout the internet to distract me at all other times.

Of course that's when I'm not cleaning tile grout for the third time in a week, hiding dirty washing or dusitng at the back of cupboards you'd have to be eight feet tall to even get to.

Bring on May 22nd!!!