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Friday 11 June 2010

the process & mixing it up

Busy busy, writing writing. And love love loving this book!

I write long. Infamously long and always have to cut back, but when my current book, fondly known by me as THE LONG WEEKEND hit 65,000 words way before it was even finished I knew something had to be done.

So I went back to the beginning and started completely afresh. Same characters, same story, just getting to the point ever so slightly differently and wayyyy quicker. I've never worked this way before but it's working a treat.

It's probably helping that I get to gaze at piccies of this guy all the time ;).

Add daily treks with my beautiful new laptop to my favourite cafe with 80s classics booming through my snazzy new pink MP3 player and coffee and a massive raspberry and white chocolate muffin within reach and I love my job.

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