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Sunday 8 May 2011

pillow talk ~ doing it all

For this week's PILLOW TALK, I'm answering Desere of Facebook who asked:

"How do you fit in the writing (and eating M & M's ) and all the other everyday life things?"

I compartmentalise. For me there's no other way.

When I had my first daughter, and was writing from home full-time, I hit a point where when I was playing with her, I'd feel guilty for not writing more. And when I was writing with her on a play mat at my feet I'd feel guilty for not being with her 100%.

I made the decision then to block out time for one or the other. During the day, I'm a mum. Full-stop. In the evenings (when the kdis are asleep - ha!) or days when my husband's home I take time to write. Most often away from home - at local cafes or my local library - as my mother ear can never fully close to the kids no matter how hard I try.

As for eating M&Ms? Well, I can do that with three kids on my lap, both hands on the keyboard ;). No guilt at all!

Any writing related questions - or notices on where I can get M&Ms at a bulk discount - email, tweet, Facebook, or comment and I'll give you my take on the next Pillow Talk.