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Friday 30 November 2012

blog tour

What with the big release of THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT all across North America this month I'm doing a blog tour chatting about the book and other things.

Monday 3 December 
I'm doing a coveted Male on Monday - less risque than it sounds ;) - the Pink Heart Society nattering about Karl Urban who's pics had just the right twinkle in the eye to remind me of my hero, Dax Bainbridge.

Wednesday 5 December 
I'm giving an interview with romance lover Harlequin Junkie.  Thre might just be a giveaway over there too ;).

Friday 7 December
I'm at iheartpresents talking up cars.  Flash cars.  The kinds of cars I'd buy if I won the lotto.  Come on over and let me know your pick, and who knows it might end up in my next book!

Harlequin Presents Extra, North America December 2012

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Wednesday 28 November 2012

meet mork

Here's our beautiful new addition to the family...Mork.

Mindy wasn't in the mood for photographs - as is a woman's right - when this pic was taken, but she's just as sweet.

They are Kakariki parrots, really friendly birds who make quiet kissy chatter noises.

The plan is for them to have a great romance and many babies.  But if they remain just good friends that's ok too.  So long as they're happy, right?

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Sunday 25 November 2012

Arabella's heating up!

For those of you following Arabella Rose's adventures via Facebook, I hope you're having as much fun watching her journey as I am!
The food, the shopping, the men...  The girl honestly hasn't had a moment's respite!  But I think she's handling herself with poise and grace, especially considering her history with falling into fountains, and falling for ungettable men.

For those of you yet to jump on board, head on over to her Facebook page and "like" her today to get daily updates on her romantic adventures.

As of today she's halfway through her 50 days and I promise, the fun's only just begun ;).

"Like" Arabella on Facebook.

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Saturday 24 November 2012

the secret wedding dress...nearly here!

The Secret Wedding Dress
I love that knock at the door that heralds a delivery of author copies of a book!  Especially the first edition thereof, as there are always fun little things you don't expect.

Like a lovely reader quote on the back cover:

"I love Ally Blake's books - always sexy and sensual!" said Teresa from Weston-super-mare.  
Or the excerpt chosen for the front of the book.  Here's the one (edited a mite to fit)  to be found in THE SECRET WEDDING DRESS which arrived at my place today:

Through gritted teeth Paige muttered, “That's it.  I hereby promise to throw myself upon the mercy of the next man who smiles at me.  I need to get some man time and fast.  Deal?  Deal.”
“Hold the door,” said s deep male voice
He loomed into view, a stranger, a great big broad one, his bulk blocking her view of the foyer entirely.  Head down, brow pinched into a frown, he stared intently at the shiny smart phone in his spare hand.
As she  presse herself deeper into the small lift her eyes flickered over a well-worn chocolate-brown leather jacket  with thick dark hair curling over the wool-lined collar.  Over soft denim lovingly hugging masses of muscle, down to huge scuffed boots.   Big and brawny he was, with dark shadowed eyes and stubble long past designer on a jaw that could have been cut from granite.
The raw and unadulterated impact of the man sent her stomach into freefall, and colour rushed into her skin with a whoosh she could practically hear.  She had to swallow down the sudden urge to growl.
Then a husky voice inside her head sent the stranger a silent plea:  Smile.

Mills and Boon Modern Romance - January 2012
Read more.  Order the paperback

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Thursday 15 November 2012

girls' weekend!

Off today for a Girls' Weekend in Melbourne with three of my bestest buds!

We all met through workbonded over Robbie Williams, were all pregnant at the same time and after making unshakable friendships, within the space of a year we all moved away from one another and now get together once or twice a year for a natter, bubbly, laughs til we we cry, bubbly, trash talk, pedicures, high tea, shopping, bubbly, and did I mention bubbly?

Picture me willing the plane to fly faster  so I can see my girls!


Tuesday 13 November 2012

cover reveal!

Here's the cover for my next new novel THE SECRET WEDDING DRESS which hits stores across the UK in January.

Isn't it puuurty!?!?!?

Mills and Boon Modern, UK January 2013

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Thursday 8 November 2012

50 days with rose

My Super Secret Project is now well and truly out in the open!

After a gorgeous launch party, at the soooo cool The Winery in Sydney's Surry Hills, I can tell you all about my partnership with Tyrrell's Wines, to bring their splenidferous new sparkling rose wine, Arabella Rose, to life through a bespoke facebook page dedicated to their namesake heroine.

"Like" to follow Arabella's journey between now and Christmas as she experiences a little food, a little fashion, and a whole lot of romance!

With more than 1000 likes in her first 5 days, her story is everywhere...and having the inside edge I can tell you, things only get steamier from here ;) 


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Monday 5 November 2012

Mills and Book Christmas Gift Box!

Order now from Amazon UK
Getting Red-Hot with the Rogue is out now in the Mills and Boon Christmas Gift Box alongside Triush Wylie, Robyn Grady and other fabulous Mills and Boon Modern authors!

Here's a taste...

His clean scent, his hard body reposed beneath her, and those lips tugging beneath her gentle fingers.  If she ever truly required punishment for mistakes of her past, then this was it - the impossibility of wanting Dylan Kelly and the enduring ache it left in the region of her heart.
She shot to her feet, the fresh air swarming between them allowing her to catch her breath.
Then his hand wrapped about her ankle.  She got such a fright she dropped everything in her hands.  Make-up wipes floated to her floor like snow.
‘Dylan,’ she warned, her voice husky.
‘Wynnie,’ he returned, in a voice she’d never heard before.  It was so deep, so dark, so blatantly hungry she actually shivered.
‘What are you doing?’ she asked.
His cheek lifted.  His hand slid further up her calf, sliding the wide hem of her track pants with it.  ‘What do you think I’m doing?’
Something you shouldn’t, she thought before her eyes drifted closed and she breathed out hard through her nose.
Accidental touches, touches under the guise of being polite or professional - to this moment that had been it.  And each and every one of those innocuous touches had set her nerves alight.  His purposeful touch was irresistible.
‘What are you doing all the way over there?’ he asked, giving her a tug and putting her off balance.
‘I’m done,’ she said.  ‘You’re on your way to being healed.’
‘Honey, we’re not even close to done.’

Buy the setBuy the single ebook ~ Read more

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Saturday 3 November 2012

my "office"

This is the office of my dreams.

The space, the peace, the tone on tone colour palette, the lux fabrics and the view over a Hamptons beach. In fact I'd give a kidney to live in the entire house from Something's Gotta Give.

Unfortunately I ain't a movie character.  I'm a mum and a writer on a deadline and my "office" is less spartan, and more needs must.

To find out all about where I write, head on over to the Pink Heart Society blog today where I natter about my "Writer's Workspace".

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Thursday 1 November 2012

RIVA's back! Now meet meet your new best friend Ruby Delisantro from Mills and Boon RIVA's "Cupcakes & Killer Heels" by Heidi Rice

ebook from
Name: Ruby Delisantro

Age: 27

Occupation: Cupcake entrepeneur

Vital Stats: Chocolate-coloured eyes, rich caramel skin (courtesy of her Italian heritage) and long wavy chestnut hair. Ruby is a statuesque beauty with femimine curves in abundance who knows how to flaunt her assets (ie, she’s been trying to lose that extra 10lbs since she was 17, but she enjoys life far too much to try all that hard)  (Find out sexy legal eagle Callum Westmore's vital stats at Natalie Anderson's blog!)

Who'd play her in the movie of her life: Mila Kunis (with extra boobage and a British accent!)

Instant BFF or Gotta Earn Her Trust: Gotta earn her trust, but once you doshe will stand by you no matter what.

Friends or Family: Her only surviving family is her long-lost brother Nick (the hero of The Good the Bad and the Wild) who she still misses. Ella is her BFF since nursery school and also her business partner.

Satin Teddy or Cotton Comfort : Satin Teddy, baby, or nekkid… Unless she’s having a slumber party with mates, then it’s her brushed cotton cupcake pjs.

Shower or Bath:Warm candle-lit bubble baths when she has the time, when she doesn’t she’s partial to a scalding hot shower!

What she doesn't want the hero to know: That she has a soft centre beneath her sharp, savvy, sexy exterior and once she’s given her heart, it’s lost for good!

We'd be her friend because...  Ruby lives life to the full and knows how to make even the mundane exciting — she’s cool, creative, flamboyant, fun to be around, hopelessly flirtatious (but staunchly loyal to her gal pals – she would never poach!) and ever so slightly reckless (even though she doesn’t mean to be). She dives into all her relationships head and heart first, knows how to laugh at herself, is an absolute rock in a crisis and will always offer a shoulder to cry on if need be. Basically, once Ruby’s your friend, you can count on her for life.

In her words:
 Now she knew she was uniquely susceptible to CallumWestmore — to the point where she could become addicted to him — it would probably be wise to steer clear of him.
Once had definitely been enough.
She frowned. Fine, make that five times had definitely been enough. Or was it six? Her brain had become a little addled after having more orgasms in one night than she’d had in the rest of her life put together.
She grabbed the shampoo, poured a large dose onto her hair as the steamy water began to soothe tired muscles. She massaged the expensive lotion into her scalp and ignored the liquid pull in her abdomen from the woodsy scent she recognised as his.
The number of times they’d done it was completely irrelevant. What mattered was that she had now alerted herself to the danger. Callum Westmore hadn’t only found her G-spot last night — he’d also discovered her weak spot. And if she was going to stop him from exploiting it, it would probably be wise to prevent him from getting anywhere near her G-spot again too.
Ten minutes later, drenched and still a little shakey, but fortified by the plan she’d formulated, Ruby stepped out of the shower cubicle and fumbled for her robe.
‘You should have woken me. I would have scrubbed your back.’
This time she didn’t manage to muffle the shriek, the sound echoing against the stone tiles as she clasped the robe to her chest.
‘What are you doing in here?’ She shoved her arms into the garment and belted it to cover her nakedness, disturbingly aroused by the sight of him leaning nonchalantly against the units watching her.
With his long legs clad in a pair of sweat pants that hung low on narrow hips, his chest gloriously bare, his short hair sticking up in careless spikes, and that knowing smile on his lips, he looked rumpled and buff and impossibly sexy. Resentment flared at the inevitable tug in her tender sex.
Without a spot of make-up on, her cheeks as shiny as beacons, the shapeless robe and her hair falling in a wet tangle down her back, she on the other hand, probably looked about as enticing as a damp squid. Not that she wanted to entice him, mind you. It would only be counter-productive given her decision not to sleep with him again. But it was the principle of the thing. He had her at a disadvantage, and she didn’t appreciate it.
‘Why are you blushing?’ he asked, amused. His eyes roamed over her. ‘You didn’t strike me as the shy type last night.’
‘I’m not,’ she said, although for the first time in her life, she did feel a little shy. Which only annoyed her more. ‘But I prefer a little privacy when I have a shower.’
‘That’s a shame.’ He closed the distance between them in two long strides, then settled his hand on her neck. The heat sizzled straight down to her toes and made her tense. ‘Because my back-scrubbing skills are legendary.’
 You don’t say.

What's the book about?  Ruby Delisantro is the queen of cupcakes and salsa. She is in charge, with a great repertoire of quick retorts and snappy one-liners, and even sharper moves on the dance floor. And then CallumWestmore comes crashing into her life. One glance from those infuriatingly luscious bedroom eyes and she’s close to losing ­control. Something tells her that Callum sees straight through the tough attitude to her soft-as-buttercream heart beneath. Is Ruby in danger of falling for him and – worse still – of liking it?  Mills and Boon say, "If you like Lindsey Kelk and Jenny Colgan, you’ll love this."

And the author?  USA Today bestselling author Heidi Rice is married with two teenage sons (which gives her rather too much of an insight into the male psyche). She also works as a film journalist and was born and still lives in London.

She loves her job because it involves sitting down at her computer each day and getting swept up in a world of high emotions, sensual excitement, funny feisty women, sexy tortured men and glamourous locations where laundry doesn't exist ... Not bad, eh.

Then she gets to turn off her computer and do chores (usually involving laundry!)

Find out more about Heidi's books:

Through September and October, keep dropping by Natalie Anderson's blog for giveaways, sneak peeks at more great stories and the low down on RIVA's hottest heroes.
And check out the awesome RIVA app on Facebook for more!

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