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Saturday, 2 March 2013

australian romance readers convention

So I'm back home, after braving the driving rain to get to the Australian Romance Readers Convention book-signing, and it was worth it!  Just wonderful to meet so many lovely readers, all so excited to collect autographs from their favourite Australian - and some fab special international! - authors.

Some highlights for me were getting Anne Gracie's new book The Autumn Bride signed for my mum who is a huge fan (shhh, don't tell her it's a surprise!).  Nabbing Kelly Hunter's The Trouble With Valentine's (there were rumours of zombies as she wrote the thing, so I have to find out if it was all true ;)) Getting the low down on Fiona McArthur's day on the Orient Express.

Total fan-girl moment happened when I met Kristan Higgins!  I'm madly in love with her warm, funny, delightful small town stories.  And, as fully expected, she was just lovely.

Then a glass of wine afterwards with some lovely writing friends, and a new one in the illustrious order of Cathy Maxwell, and I dind't even notice the rain as I walked back to the car.


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