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Tuesday, 18 April 2006

feeding the muse

As mentioned on my eHarlequin blog, I'm having trouble choosing which of two guys would make a better match for the heroine in my current story. And until I get him locked down, I fear that calling my current manuscript a "work in progress" will just be a big fat lie!

So I need your help. I need to hear the voice of people outside of my head to urge me in one direction or the other. You may all pick one guy by a gigantic margin which may confirm what I know in my head, or being that I am a contrary young miss, it may turn me completely the other way and show me that I really do love the other guy best.

Anyway, let me give you a little bit of background first:

This lovely creature to the left is Maggie Bryce, my heroine - a feisty, wounded artist, who after life gave her lemons ran away to a big dilapidated house on the edge of a cliff in Portsea at the very edge of the world an hour's drive south of Melbourne.

Her foil is Tom Campbell, a man whom she hires as a handyman for two weeks to clear out her mess of a backyard - possibly so she can get down to the private beach at the bottom of the garden, or possibly to sell up and move on. Tom is charming, smooth, low-key and laidback. He's settled where Maggie is unsettled. He's warm where she is cool. He gives until it hurts where she doesn't think she has anything left to give.

So here they are, our two contestants.

Imagine a deep, heavenly voice, and a constant twinkle in the eye.

Think cheeky banter and a gaze that makes your knees weak.

I could post a picture of Tom from Dancing With the Stars or Nathan with stubble and wearing a leather kilt but I thought that would just give one or the other an unfair advantage depending on your bent and...
Oh all right! Here they are!

So guys, is it Tom or Nathan? Nathan or Tom. Or do you have a third to throw into the mix to really make this hard!



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