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Friday, 23 June 2006

aussie, aussie, aussie!

Okay, so I am officially exhausted. My eyes are like lumps of ash and I feel ever so slightly sick to the stomach.

But that's what comes from getting up at four in the morning to watch Australia come from behind, twice, to draw 2 all with Croatia and land ourselves a place in the round of sixteen in the Soccer World Cup!!!

For those of you not living and breathing every second of it as some of us are, this is Australia's second only appearance in Soccer's greatest tournament, the last being in 1974 when we lost all three games in the groups round and didn't score a goal.

And next we play Italy! It couldn't be a better choice of team. Melbourne has a huuuge Italian base, my husband's family are Italian, and I have heaps of Italia soccer gear that I wear around the house. Federation Square in the middle of town will be packed come Tuesday at 12:30, and yes that's a half hour after midnight. Lygon Street, a strip of restuarants in the inner city suburb of Carlton which has a large Italian population will be insane. Think blue streamers, flares, yobbos in their hoon cars trawling the strip and making a lot of noise!

But come Tuesday this household will be up barracking loudly for the Socceroos in their green and gold!

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