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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I blame my muse

Every book is different. But I wonder if every writer has a certain set of parameters that define the "world" in which all their stories exist the way that I know I do.

Dive into any Dick Francis novel and you know they all exist in the same space. And by that I don't mean Britain. I mean the same, feel, tone, moral boundaries. Love one, you'll love them all. I sure do! Jenny Cruisie's the same. Her manic characters and fabulously loopy set-ups place you right smack bang in the middle of a delightfully off-kilter world.

It has a lot to do with voice, I'm sure. But I also attribute the parameters of my "world" to the vagaries of my muse. He - yes it's a he, not sure how I know, I just do – would be absolutely happy if in writing every one of my books I had:

Christian Bale as the hero inspiration – I could cast him as every one of my heroes. Not him exactly mind you, but a version of him that exists inside my head. One that has been struck in there for years, pre-mega-fame. And nothing he does or says in real life has altered it a jot 'cause that version of him IS the epitome of an Ally Blake hero.

George Michael music as the soundtrack – so many of my books have been written to his smooth sounds. Something about my eighties upbringing, and his fabulous musicality, and heart-breakingly romantic toons just do it for me. A Different Corner and Kissing a Fool especially. They take me away to another place.

Headwear on my head – right now it's a red NY Yankees cap. Yep. As we speak it's atop my head! Ostensibly to keep the glare from my eyes as I write, but deep down I've always felt like headwear somehow connects me to my muse. For my first book I wore a fake floral garland. Worked a charm! And if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? My muse is odd, okay. Deal with it ;).

A bowl of M&Ms at my fingertips – chocolate of any sort is fine with me, by something about M&Ms the instant satisfaction, the fact that I can collate them into even coloured rows seems to give me time to clear my head. And time for him to send me more story while I zone out.

Any authors you know and love who really give you that sense of familiarity and comfort and exactly the experience you're looking for every time you snuggle up on the couch and open one of their books? Whose "world" do you love?