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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

ebook of the month...the hero

First published in April 2007
Boardroom Hotshots collection
eBook out now!

The hero:
As an author one of the hardships is needing to spend many fruitful hours scouring the internet for pictures of hero-worthy men.  As such, by the time Ic ame to write this book, I had amassed a comfortable selection of photos of one Jeremy Northam.

Flynn Granger is beautiful, charming, and just a little jaded with the kind of dark haired dark eyed thing I could write each and every time I put fingers to keyboard! So when I needed to pin him down a little more specifically in my mind Jeremy did just fine ;).

The excerpt:

He held out the page.  She pushed away from the kitchen bench and cautiously came to him to take it as he had known she would.
She reached out to take the page and he pulled it closer.  Her brow furrowed and she glanced up at him, her sweet blue eyes confused, not having yet caught onto the fact that he’s just changed the rules of the game.
She reached out again and he hid the page behind his back so that as she reached for it she stumbled closer until they were mere inches apart.  So close he could smell the soft apple scent of her hairspray.  He could see a faint darkness in the delicate skin below her eyes that told of too many late nights.  He could see a small raised patch of dark pink skin where she had overly worried her bottom lip.
His mouth watered at the thought of going there, tasting her, spending hour upon hour just drinking in all that softness.
‘Flynn,’ she said, a warning tone in her voice.
‘Abbey,’ he said parroting her tone.
‘Give me back the page,’ she said.
‘What’s the magic word?’ he asked.
‘Please?’ she said between gritted teeth, holding out her hand, palm up, her eyes glittering, animated by the excitement of battle.
He flicked the page from one hand to the other behind his back.  If she wanted it she was going to have to come and get it.  The minute she made the final lunge he tucked the page quickly into the back of his trousers, and grabbed a hold of her thrusting hand.
‘Hey!’ she called out.
‘Hey yourself,’ he murmured.
She blinked once, but didn’t pull away.  And that was all the encouragement Flynn needed.  He turned her hand over and ran his thumb along the faint blue lines snaking up her delicate wrist.  So pale.  So soft.
Her eyes fluttered downward, and her brow crinkled as she watched his hypnotic caress.  But she couldn’t hide the fact that her pupils expanded.  Or that her breaths grew unnaturally shallow.  Or that the hairs on her arms stood on end.  Her reaction to him was so swift and so pronounced Flynn felt his legs go weak as all of his blood rushed north.
He brought her hand towards his lips, her soft warm small hand.  If she allowed him to kiss her palm, if she let him get that close, he’d know that despite her views about his views, despite their working relationship, he had her --
Re-released as part of the Boardroom Hot-shots collection.
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