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Thursday, 16 February 2012

I'm reading... liz fielding

Liz's latest romance, Flirting with Italian is right now up for the RoNA Rose award which is a super big deal in the UK.   And no wonder.   The heroine, a teacher who has run away to Rome after a big break-up, is fun lovely and true, and the hero an Italian Count.  As fantasies go, it's a good 'un!

One of the things I loved best was Sarah's blog.  Asked by her Principal back home to write a blog about her Roman adventure for her students, Sarah smartly knows her students couldn't be bothered reading such a thing!  So she uses the blog as a rich, luscious, experiential and more honest retelling of her time.  And as another way for us to feel her growing feelings for the hero Matteo it's an absolute delight.  It worked so well, I looked forward to those bits with the best kind of anticipation.

Flirting with Italian is a delicious, warm, slow burn of a love story.   And will make you yearn to sit under the Italian sun with the lazy buzz of bees and grape juice pooling beneath your tongue.  And if that isn't reason enough to read a book I don't know what is!

More about the author here.  Buy Flirting with Italian hereAnd find out more about Liz's faaaabulous new book Liz Fielding's Little Book of Writing Romance here.

Next I’m reading...The Next Always by Nora RobertsWhat are you reading?  Which book MUST I read this year?  Find the other books I've enjoyed in my "I'm reading..." series this year here!  Or join me at Goodreads.

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