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Monday, 17 July 2006

book in a week diary: day one

Today I caught the train into the city.

A train trip is a rarity for me. I do it perhaps ten times a year when I meet a gang of authors lovingly known as the Melbourne Mobsters - not to be mistaken for those involved in the recent spate of Gangland killings that have kept this city in a grip of gory anticipation - for a glamorous buffet lunch at the Crown Casino.

    Walking from beneath the bowels of Flinders Street train station and out into the crisp winter air is always a joy. A moment I relish. A revelation. The slap of the cold air. The feel of the disjointed wood beneath my boots. Passing women in gorgeous Melbourne winter fashion and men in business suits. And best of all the view from the city side of the river to South bank with its slate grey pathways and chunky dark balustrades, and sharp gothic architecture. It reminds me of Gotham.

    Walking along the foot bridge across the Yarrra always makes me feel like Bridget Jones. With my coat and scarf flapping, walking by myself, head held high somewhere important to go, a great city pulsing beneath my feet...

      It was so cold today fog shrouded the city. The top of the Rialto Tower had disappeared into the clouds. All the trees have lost their leaves, creating beautiful frames for any view back across the river.

        So back to the Book In a Week. I took my Alphie on the train. 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back with a train full of noisy school kids. And when I loaded it into my computer? 1800 words! I love Alphie. As does Nicola Marsh who blogged lyrical about him the other day. Nic also let me know that I have a book out in Sweden this month!

          Tonight I had to finish setting up my new office, and in between times I watched the Kylie interview on TV as well. What a darling girl she is. So strong yet fragile. Can’t help but love our Kyles... though she did keep me from my word count!

            So total for day one came to: 1800 words