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Wednesday 15 August 2007

off, off and away!

Revisions are done and sent. Woohoo!!! Always a beautiful relief. Though now I just have to wait for the verdict from my lovely editor.

I adore this story. I think it's unique and tricky and layered and funny with a seriously gorgeous hero (who I had to kind of ungorgeous just a tad in my revisions as he was apparently too loveable my editor couldn't see how any girl in her right minhd wouldn't snap him up and be done with it ;)), and a heroine with flaws and hopes and tangents that I just loved writing about.

Fingers crossed for good news!

So it's goodbye Damien and Chelsea, hello Veronica and Mitchell in my next hopeful Harlequin Romance - Ring a Ding Ding. Here's hoping they bring me as much of a challenge and a joy. Okay so maybe less challenge and more joy...

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