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Thursday, 29 November 2007

i'm gonna be a bridesmaid!!!

My gorgeous little sister Suze became engaged to her equally gorgeous boyfriend Luke a few weeks back. Now they've set a date, asked me to be bridesmaid, and I'm gonna get to wear a pretty party dress!!!

Suze was my only bridesmaid at my Las Vegas wedding and she looked so beautiful. I can only hope to outshine her as much as she outshone me ;).

This piccie to the left is of us both pregnant at the same time. No we didn't plan it that way, the fates quite simply aligned for us.

She had a beautiful little boy, Rory, just two months before my Bridget was born. This is him on the right. The cousins haven't yet met but come Christmas the cuddles are on! And since her bub is older she's the knowledgable one. Can you imagine how funny it feels ringing and messgaing my little sister for advice?

Thanks Suzie Q, and Luka for asking me to be so involved with your big day, I can't wait! Now just have to start losing some of this baby weight... Hmmm, does that mean I must now stop eating for two?


Tuesday, 27 November 2007

my minor miracle

My revisions for RING A DING DING were emailed to my lovely editor late last night. Which feels like nothing less than a minor miracle!

Though it was a pleasure to revisit Veronica and Mitch who made for a really fun book. I can't wait for everyone to read my next two Romance in fact, they were both written when I was het up on pregnancy happy hormones and I think they actually helped. I suppose that means that my next bok, which will now be written without said happy hormones, and with odd sleeping patterns and baby brain fuzz will be...interesting to say the least.

As to my major miracle, Bridget currently has spots poor thing. Cradle cap they tell me. Funny thing is within about five seconds of staring into her eyes during playtime I just don't see the spots anymore. All I see is my beautiful girl.

She is growing at a rate of knots. Three weeks old today and I actually have to retire some outfits as too small already! Thankfully we have received so many beautiful outfits as pressies, and my lovely friend Emily gave me a whole bunch of perfect hand-me-downs so she won't be going naked anytime soon.

She now says "Gah" and "Grrr" as well as "Ack". And this morning when my hubby said "Hello" she immediately said "Ohhh" right on back. Three times in a row. He's determined that she is some kind of genius.

And do I hear her stirring? Yes I do!

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Thursday, 22 November 2007

back to work...

My lovely editor has been onto me to say that she looooves the book I handed in just before the girl was born. Phew! The idea of sitting down and doing a mass of revisions right now is beyond me. So the itty-bitty revisions I do have feel like a pleasure.

This is Mitch and Veronica. And don't they look like fun? Well they are. Veronica especailly. In the very first scene she turns up to a job interview dressed something like this. Hee... Can you imagine the fun I had writing about her?

And I got to use an opening paragraph I wrote years ago but had never found a book to fit. Here 'tis...

When Veronica Bing was a little girl her grand plan in life was to have blue eyes and blonde hair. Long blonde hair down to her waist and the kind of baby blue eyes that made a girl able to get away with anything. Oh, and to be a fairy princess with wings. With braces on her teeth and divorced parents as all the kids at school had them. And she wanted a hot pink car. Not too much to ask, right?


Thursday, 15 November 2007

so far so good...

A quick update...

The girl is pink, plump and dripping in gorgeous outfits and an array of the most beautiful cards as gifted upon her by so many of you lovelies out there. Hubby and I are tired but so happy. Though he's a little worried that I've suddenly become a domestic goddess overnight. The house has never been tidier. He should be thrilled right? Well apparently it's such a huge personality change he has concerns ;).

But back to the girl... While changing Bridget's pooey nappy today she pooed again, poo so bright I'm worried she might in fact be radioactive, filling her new nappy beneath and messing her singlet and jumpsuit and the cloth beneath her bum. After cleaning her I picked her up for a little cuddle at which time she left a nice little vomit pressie on my black t-shirt.

Just thought I'd share this information so that one day when she's running the country, or busy curing a disease, or marrying a prince, there will be others out there with evidence that once upon a time she was a grub. A gorgeous grub, but a grub all the same.


Sunday, 11 November 2007

bridget ava

At 12:12pm on Tuesday 6th November I was lucky enough to welcome a beautiful little girl into the world.

Bridget is dreamy beautiful. A clever little feeder. A great little sleeper. She loves her daddy's shoulder. And snuggling under mummy's chin. We're sure she's blowing us kisses and smiling already. Here are some piccies to keep you occupied while I go sleep!!!

See you all here as soon as I can. Meanwhile, picture me listening out for those gorgeous baby cooing noises...

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Monday, 5 November 2007

male on monday

Today I'm talking about the hero inspiration behind my third book MARRIAGE MAKE-OVER.

If you wanna know who that was, check out the Male on Monday today at the Pink Heart Society blog!


Thursday, 1 November 2007

sizzle, seduce & simmer

Tonight was my first ever book launch! "And it was super special for many, many reasons...

It was for a book for which I am particularly proud; the Sizzle Seduce & Simmer recipe and romance collection as collated by Marion Lennox and chocca block full of stories written by my fave Aussie romance authors and some great freinds.

I got to catch up with several fabulous authors and some gorgeous RWA members I haven't seen in a couple of years. Lots of hugs, kisses, gossip, chatter and general giggles abounded.

I sat next to my friend Nic as we signed what felt like a hundred books! Though baby brain being what it is I kept signing and forgetting to pass the book to her, as though she was irrelevant to the whole process ;).

And lastly because none of us were sure I'd make it. There was general surprise as I came in with my big baby bump still intact. Waddled in in fact, surprised at myself for finding an outfit that didn't consist of track pants and slippers ;).

Had a ball. Sold heaps of books. Marion Lennox, Anne Gracie and Stephanie Laurens did a wonderful job of launching the collection. We all looked fabulous in our specially made aprons with the book cover splashed across the front.

I left the gals to trundle off to party into the night while I waddled back home to put my feet up. All in all a fantabulous night!!!

Now go buy the book and see what the fuss is all about!!!

MIRA - Australia & New Zealand
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