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Tuesday 19 February 2008

i've discovered ebay

Ridiculous that it took me this long right? I mean I've bought things on their before. A couple of DVDs and a couple of books. But I started looking up, of all things, baby shoes a few days back. And!

Within about three hours I had bid on ten things. TEN! And when I realised that if I won those ten things it would come to over $100 I was a tad startled to say the least. Thankfully I have been outbid on about half. I've won three. Including these toooo cute pink suede shoes that are faaaaaar too big for my Miss Boo right now.
I did lose out on a pair of red mary janes that were sooooo cute I was really upset. Less than a week at this and I already need counselling.

Heaven help me!