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Thursday, 17 April 2008

a pinch of music...

I'm a big believer in book soundtracks. Every book I've written has had a signature song or CD attached. Something I've put on over and over again while writing or revising me to get me in the right frame of mind for that particular story.

For my last book, A NIGHT WITH THE SOCIETY PLAYBOY, I used a lot of George Michael's old music to help me through. Soft, gauzy, sexy songs floaty on the night breeze were the perfect backdrop to the story.

Since then I've discovered Amy Winehouse and have been listening to "Back to Black'" over and over so I think that's gonna have to be the soundtrack to this next book. She sounds like something from the opening credits of an old James Bond movie. Fabulous!

TREATS, TREASURES & SIMPLE PLEASURES starts in a bar, and I can just picture her bluesy moody gorgeous voice wafting in the background when my hero and heroine's eyes meet across the crowded room. Tres evocative stuff.

She won the Grammy for Best Record this year. Now I know why.

Today at the PINK HEART SOCIETY I'm talking more about book soundtracks. Find out how here!

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