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Tuesday 6 May 2008

six months...or a footy season

My friend and fellow footy supporter - and by supporter I mean rabid, pays membership dues, life comes to a screaming halt when her team plays - Nicola Marsh was talking on her blog a few days back about letting her boys choose the team they will follow for life.

She and her hubby follow different teams so that's fair enough. It's even a lovely idea, a story each of the boys will have for their whole lives - how and why they picked their footy team.

My hubby and I, on the other hand, follow the same team, the Collingwood Magpies. He has a magpie tattoo on his ankle, and now works for their reserve team, filming specific players in the coaches box. And I've written articles for their website. You can check them out here...

So out little munchkin - who turns six months old today btw - will get no choice. None. She will be black and white forever.

She has a Baby Magpie membership with the club including a certificate that is on the wall above her change table for her to look at five times a day. She wears a black and white outfit every game day. And has even been to her first game, wrapped in her very own black and white blanket.

Her first words will be only a handful of months away, and if they aren't "Go Pies!" I'd be very much surprised ;).