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Saturday 28 November 2009

pink heart society

It's Wild-Card Weekend on Pink Heart Society today. So come on over and confess...

Which books/movies do you go back to again and again, even though you just know you're gonna cry???


Monday 23 November 2009


Ah the joys of being near the beginning of writing a new book. All that lovely white space and infinite possibility.

This book is a Modern Heat and the heroine, Rylie, has appeared in my last couple of books DATING THE REBEL TYCOON & GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE (out now through Harlequin Presents!).

The minute I tried to think who might drive Rylie crazy, Max ambled out of the shadows and leaned sexily against a nearby wall and that was that. I'm near enough the beginning to be finding sparks of inspiration all over the joint and near enough the end to be able to see how it's all going to fit together.

Working Title: Blush. So far the idea hasn't come into play all that much, but I have ideas. And am sitting on the edge of my seat in anticpation of when it does.

I'm listening to: Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet. Can't believe I still know all the words. My hero Max absolutely must be a fan. Funny scene coming to mind right now.

I'm googling: piccies of my perennial muse, the darkly handsome Christian Bale and the fabulously whimsical and smart as a whip Drew Barrymore. Scene upon scene opening up before me. Nto enough words left to fit them all in! Must pull myself back.

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Friday 20 November 2009

i heart pikelets

My little 'uns favourite kids' show this morning - the legendary Aussie Play School - they made pikelets.

Being that I am utterly kitchen-challenged, I am impressed with myself that pancakes are one thing I can make. So, in order to impress Toddler Girl, I slipped on my apron and went forth.

Despite my culinary hopelessness, above most of my pikelets are surprisingly perfect. Round, brown, delicious.

This heart-shaped pikelet was a complete accident. Fitting tho, dontcha think?


Wednesday 18 November 2009

cover genies

Even with 50,000 words of lovingly layered love story at their disposal, and the lists of infomation we authors are able to give to the art department, they can't possily see inside our heads to truly know how we imagine our heroes and heroines when designing a book cover.

So you've met my fabulous Wynnie and my gorgeous Dylan (click on their names to find out more!), and without giving anything away I can let you know there is a scene in their book GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE in which they get up close and personal several times at a charity event at the Brisbane Museum. That night he's in a tux, she in a sexy red dress.

With all that in mind, I give you the cover for my latest Harlequin Presents.

Did my stomach give a little flip when I first saw it? Did it ever!!! A big heartfelt thanks to the cover genies from a girl who continuosuly flips to the cover to check out the characters whilst reading a book and who so often gets disappointed if they don't measure up ;).


published through Harlequin Presents
out now across North America!

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Monday 16 November 2009

chicklets 2009

As we do every summer, we've gone and procured ourselves a bunch of fertiised eggs to put under our clucky chooks. They lay such deeeelicious eggs for us when not clucky, giving them some bubs to raise is the least we can do.

Here are some piccies of our current batch of little beauties. Are they not the cutest things ever???!!!

When they grow up they'll become a mix of pure bred Bantam chooks - Silkies (adorable fluffballs), Australorps (fabulous layers) & Light Sussex (stunning, white with black rimmed feather). Til then my littlies - and neighbourhood kids - will get to goo and gah and watch them grow.


Friday 13 November 2009

the red-hot rogue himself

This here is Dylan Kelly.

Okay, right, sorry. Again this is not Dylan Kelly, but is absolutely is a piccie that sucked me back into the writing of GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE whenever I sat down to write it around this time last year!

Every hero I've ever written has been tall dark and handsome. Never blonde. It's just not my personal thing. So even though I've had a stash of Brad Pitt piccies on file just in case, they've simply never been appropriate.

But then, when writing my last Harlequin Romance, DATING THE REBEL TYCOON, the hero's brother Dylan popped up. Dark blonde hair, cheeky blue eyes, as sexy as a man could ever come. Truly. Think of the most beautiful man you've ever seen, now double it.

And so I searched through my weighty folder of Googled pictures of yummy guys to find a one who might just come close to my guy, and there he was.GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE.

Hope these lovely photos help your reading experience as much as they helped me write!


published through Harlequin Presents
out now across North America!

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Tuesday 10 November 2009

getting red-hot with the rogue...'s heroine!

This is Wynnie Devereaux.

Okay, so it's not really her. Obviously it's the lovely Natalie Portman! But this is the picture that helped connect me to my current Harlequin Presents release, GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE, at night after spending my days battling morning sickness and running around after a newly walking toddler.

One of the beauties of "collaging" a character is that pictures I keep on file because they evoke some kind of emotioanl reaction in me - I find them pretty, or evocative, or uncomfortbale, or they have outfits I wish I owned ;) - can, further on down the line, inspire so much more. They can inspire whole scenes, they can inspire entire plot lines, they can inspire the most subtle character traits and most major turning points.

Here are some pictures that, whether by way of an expression, an outfit I adored, or a setting that spoke to me ended up inspiring moments in GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE.

Another benefit is the hours upon hours a writer must spend Googling piccies of yummy men ;).

Watch this space to see how my hero research turned out for GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE!

published through Harlequin Presents
out now across North America!

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Sunday 8 November 2009

sex and the modern heat

Preparing to write a Modern Heat novel I often find myself getting out my Sex and the City box set and starting from scratch.

I think it's because after chasing around after two kids all day, keeping them entertained with books about Green Eggs and Ham and Hungry Caterpillars, teaching the alphabet to a Woody doll - 'cause Miss Smarty Pants knows it all already and just wants to share the knowledge ;), - I need something to get me out of Mummy Mode and into the right headspace in which to write a Modern Heat.

I'm up to the final two episodes. I'm trying desperately not to watch them just yet 'cause then it's all over. Again. I've cried a good dozen times already in the sixth season shows. Boy it's a doozy. One of the most rich, colourful, deep, excellent seasons of television ever created. The fashion, the storylines, the dialogue, the characterisation, the fulfillment of character arcs - it's perfection.

With two short episodes to go... I've warmed to Aidan. I've curled my fingers into my palms to stop from shaking Carrie about the Russian. I've almost convinced myself Carrie's perfect man is not one of the two favourites after all - its actually Jack Burger.

And then Big returned. And he made her laugh. He always makes her laugh.

On that note, off to type I go!

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Friday 6 November 2009

birthday girl

Today my baby girl turned 2. Wow, how crazy fast that time has flown by!

She's this long, lanky creature with the softest curliest hair and such bright laughing eyes. She loves pulling faces in the mirror and running full throttle with her head thrown back, laughing at the sky. She loves sitting in the corner reading book after book, and thinks herself best friends with The Little Mermaid and Nemo and Horton. She's sprouting full sentences and counting everything in sight. She amazes and delights and challenges and surprises me each and every day.

Celebration wise we've had balloons, a flower cake, Disney Princess Happy Birthday banners, presents galore, visiting family, and tomorrow is a day at the zoo with family and friends. But I have a feeling one small hour this afternoon will be my lasting memory of her second birthday weekend - the two of us, just me and my girl, headed out to a local cafe together and there we sat, side by side at a cafe on big girl chairs, sharing a special milkshake and chattering about the day's events. My heart felt full to bursting the entire time.

Oh, that, and I shut my finger in the car boot door whe we got home. Typos due fat, pulsating finger and pain killer combo ;).

Happy Birthday baby girl! Love you to absolute bits...



Tuesday 3 November 2009

director's commentary...of sorts

I looove the director's commentary function found on most DVDs. Especially for movies I've loved.

They can be fun and full of fabulous info like which extras were memers of the producer's family, like Sandra Bullock's commentary on Miss Congeniality. The commentary can be filmed live and shown on a split screen alongside the film in the ever so slightly booze assisted comentary on
Jerry Maguire
(listen, it gets funnier the more they drink!). Or it can shed wonderful, beautiful light on how a romance that was never in the orginal piece was layered into the film on the insistence of the star, as was the way for the Jeremy Northam pic, The Winslow Boy.

In the same vain I always like to put lots of little extras on my book pages.
Pictures of the gorgeous guys and gals who I'd cast in the movie of the book. Places that inspired me and gave me scope and colour and context and depth while writing the story. Links to the songs I played over and over and over and get the point...again while writing the tale.

So if you're like me and itch to know how things became the way they were in the writing of a romance, check out my latest book page - for my current Harlequin Presents release GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE here!

GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE is out now across North America through Harlequin Presents. Have you checked out their new Browse the Book feature? Well here 'tis?

Better yet, why wait? Grab a copy today from the
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