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Friday 6 November 2009

birthday girl

Today my baby girl turned 2. Wow, how crazy fast that time has flown by!

She's this long, lanky creature with the softest curliest hair and such bright laughing eyes. She loves pulling faces in the mirror and running full throttle with her head thrown back, laughing at the sky. She loves sitting in the corner reading book after book, and thinks herself best friends with The Little Mermaid and Nemo and Horton. She's sprouting full sentences and counting everything in sight. She amazes and delights and challenges and surprises me each and every day.

Celebration wise we've had balloons, a flower cake, Disney Princess Happy Birthday banners, presents galore, visiting family, and tomorrow is a day at the zoo with family and friends. But I have a feeling one small hour this afternoon will be my lasting memory of her second birthday weekend - the two of us, just me and my girl, headed out to a local cafe together and there we sat, side by side at a cafe on big girl chairs, sharing a special milkshake and chattering about the day's events. My heart felt full to bursting the entire time.

Oh, that, and I shut my finger in the car boot door whe we got home. Typos due fat, pulsating finger and pain killer combo ;).

Happy Birthday baby girl! Love you to absolute bits...