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Tuesday 3 November 2009

director's commentary...of sorts

I looove the director's commentary function found on most DVDs. Especially for movies I've loved.

They can be fun and full of fabulous info like which extras were memers of the producer's family, like Sandra Bullock's commentary on Miss Congeniality. The commentary can be filmed live and shown on a split screen alongside the film in the ever so slightly booze assisted comentary on
Jerry Maguire
(listen, it gets funnier the more they drink!). Or it can shed wonderful, beautiful light on how a romance that was never in the orginal piece was layered into the film on the insistence of the star, as was the way for the Jeremy Northam pic, The Winslow Boy.

In the same vain I always like to put lots of little extras on my book pages.
Pictures of the gorgeous guys and gals who I'd cast in the movie of the book. Places that inspired me and gave me scope and colour and context and depth while writing the story. Links to the songs I played over and over and over and get the point...again while writing the tale.

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