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Sunday, 21 February 2010

writer in residence

I've been so inspired writing at my local library, I've decided to Tweet about the daily pitfalls and lightbulbs that occur when writing a book in a series I'm calling Writer in Residence (or Writer n Residenz cause that's all the letters that'll fit on a twitter account name!!!)
It will be an honest look at how a writer writes. At the moments that make a book happen and the moments that threaten to stall a story forever. When the words flow, when life gets in the way. Those blissful moments when something completely surprising happens. When a character comes into their own, when another refuses to play ball. When the muse takes flight, and when procrastination simply must win the day, I'll be tweeting about it! Raw, honest, unedited, every writing day, sometimes more, @ 140 characters a pop.
So anyone who's ever wanted to write a book and wasn't sure where to begin, or for those of you who ever wondered how a writer does it (write a book that is ;), follow me at
Hopefully you'll learn something, even if what not to do ;).