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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Meet Bradley Knight

In my last post you met Hannah, the heroine behind my current release THE WEDDING DATE. So, just to be fair, today I give you Bradley...

He lifted his beer and finished it in one slow swallow. All she could do was stare.

Oh yeah. Bradley was flirting alright. Batting her about like a lion with a moth. She wondered what she might do if he decided to stop playing and got serious. The very idea petrified her to the spot.

He left his empty glass on the table then wrapped his glass-cooled hand around her foot, his thumb resting in a sweet spot in the sensitive curve of her sole. He pressed down gently, but knowingly. She jolted as an unexpected tremor wracked her.

Even in the low light of the club she could see the gleam in his eyes. The thrill of the chase.

Utterly out of her depth, she reached for her drink.

Bradley got there first, snatching it out of her way. But not before her fingers had brushed across his. Pure and unadulterated sexual attraction wrapped itself around her like a wet rope, slippery and unyielding. And even in the darkness she was sure his pupils had grown so large the colour of his eyes was completely obscured.

From an accidental touch. Of fingers. Oh God...

Bradley swirled ice around in her drink. Once. Twice. Each time ice hit glass her nerves twanged sharply, like an out of tune guitar.

She sat on her hands and bit her lip. He’s your boss. You love your job. He’s not looking for forever. And you are. Just allowing this flirtation to continue is going to change everything.

He lifted her drink to his mouth and took a sip, the press of his lips where her lips had just been made hers tingle in the most aching anticipation.

Then his face screwed up as if he’d just sucked on a lemon. ‘Holy heck, that’s atrocious! How can you drink this slop?’

out now across the UK!
North America in May (as THE ROGUE WEDDING GUEST)

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Sunday 27 March 2011

Meet Hannah Gillespie

This is how I imagined my heroine Hannah from my current release THE WEDDING DATE. Fun, smart, ambitious, though maybe not quite so put together as the gorgeous Amanda Peet here. Here's a little taste of what she's about...


She frantically searched the small crowd awaiting the arrivals of loved ones from behind a chicken wire fence. With their matching long thick straight dark brown hair, pale skin, shiny baubles, and head to toe pink get-ups Hannah’s mother and her sister stood out from the small chilly rugged-up crowd like flamingos in a flock of pigeons.

As though seven years hadn’t passed, as though she didn’t have an amazing job, and a great apartment, and cool friends, and real confidence in where she’d landed, Hannah’s hand went straight to her hair only to remember she’d done nothing with it that morning, and now standing on the windy tarmac it was making a fly for freedom in just about every direction possible.

In about five seconds flat she went from respected ace assistant to TV wunderkind to skinny, tomboy shuffling a soccer ball around the backyard while her glamorous mother sister shopped and groomed and giggled about boys.

Her mother pushed through the crowd, opened a gate that probably meant she was breaking about half a dozen aviation safety laws, and headed her way. Hannah knew the grown-up thing to do was walk towards her, waving happily, but she was so deep into meltdown mode she began to physically back away.

And that’s when she felt an arm slide beneath her poncho to settle gently but firmly in the curve of her back. The wall of warmth that came with it stopped her in her retreat like nothing else could have.


out now across the UK!

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Friday 25 March 2011

debut novel re-released in Aus/NZ!

A few months back i was so kindly asked to choose two favourite books of mine to be included in an "Author's Choice" re-release in Australia & New Zealand. Welllll, it's out now! And I'm so excited as the two books within are two books I just love.

To tell you why, here's the Dear Reader letter I inlcuded in the front of the book.

Dear Reader,

Boy was I excited when I was asked to pick two of my favourite Sweet Romances for this collection. Naturally that was before reality hit. I had to pick? Just two? Eek!

All of my books hold special places in my heart for a myriad of different reasons. Some gave me beautifully unexpected moments of inspiration. Some were written during special times of my life. Others were just great fun to write. How on earth was I to narrow it down?

Well, THE WEDDING WISH was my first book and BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP my tenth, both amazing milestones I never expected to reach when I first sat down and wrote the magical words, “Chapter One”. Both novels were also absolute odes to a city I adore; beautiful, elegant, cosmopolitan Melbourne and her glorious surrounds. But the honest to goodness truth? Well, as it tends to be in romance novels, it all came down to the heroes ;).

Both books star heroes I still adore. Heroes with humour, with honour, with heart. Heroes who love and understand the women in their lives. Heroes you could count on to stand up for what they believe, to stick beside their heroine on her worst day, or to whip up a delicious dinner without even being asked! Yep, Jacob Lincoln and Tom Campbell are my kinds of heroes. And just to add a cherry on top, I reckon they both ended up with heroines who deserved every bit of them.

If you too love yabbering about your favourite book bits, regarding heroes or otherwise, feel free email me at Til then, happy reading!



Buy the paperback

Buy the eBook

Read more about THE WEDDING WISH


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Wednesday 23 March 2011

the wedding date

THE WEDDING DATE is out now in the UK as a Mills and Boon RIVA!

I've had some really lovely reviews of THE WEDDING DATE which is so heartening. It's such a long time between finishing and book and having it out on bookshelves across the world the niggles can set in as you wonder if people will enjoy it as much as your past works.

Don't forget you can grb a copy from The Book Depository for free delivery world wide. They also offer an eBook option which is super. Or if you're prepared to wait a month and a half, if you pre-order the North American version - coming out under the title THE ROGUE WEDDING GUEST - The Book Depository are offering 25% off the cover price!

Read more ~ Order today!

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Tuesday 22 March 2011

lovely libraries

One thing I knew I was going to miss about moving from our house in Melbourne was how close I was to my local library. I loved the setting, the layout, the fun of browsing through the aisles and picking up random books in the hopes of discovering a fabulous new author. I also loved the quiet place to write.

And they knew I was coming, a brand new library has just been built near my new home. I went to check it out with Toddler Girl the other day, and it's just beautiful. Serene, modern, groovy, technologically fabulous with an amazing kid's corner. And yesterday I got my first chance to actually write within. Heaven!!!! Picture me bouncing up and down happily on my chair.

Did you know that Australian authors get a stipend depending on how many of their books they have available in Australian libraries? Well, they do. So if there's a book you really want your library to carry, or an author you wish to others might discover, ask your local library to buy up!

And you Aussie authors out there, don't forget March 31st is the last day to register your books for this year's PLR.


Sunday 20 March 2011

gotta love a glossy mag

When my two BFFs came a-visiting from Mebourne and Newcastle last week they not only left behind great chats and laughs and a girl who's missing them already, they left behind a bunch of magazines they'd picked up at the airport.
I loooooove browsing through magazines. Add gorgeous people in pretty clothes, or caught in candid shots on beaches, in car parks, hanging out with people they're not meant to be with, and boy oh boy do those expressions give a writer ideas. I found this pic from a recent SABA campaign and a whole book idea sprang from it!

Also, I reckon a bit of celebrity gossip is like sorbet to the mind, clearing everything in it's path leaving room for real thought hot on its heels ;).


Friday 18 March 2011

big bunnies

Told 3 year old Toddler Girl today about the Easter Bunny.

As well as enjoying seeing her beautiful face light up at the thought of a bunny coming to visit, there I was, thinking how genius it was to use the bribe of her first ever chocolate in the hopes of enourgaing helpful behaviour from the minx for the next few weeks.

But no.

Now she won't sleep. I've been up to her room three times in the hour since she's gone to bed. "What's the bunny's name again?" she asked. Next time it was, "Please don't let the bunny come in my room." Then, even after my brilliant on the spot claim that he'll only hide eggs in the garden, "I don't want the bunny to come up here!"

Bummer ;).

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Wednesday 16 March 2011


A big yoohoo to those who've braved the lonely trek to my blog today! Dust off a beanbag and settle in. I always have a great supply of M&Ms and coffee on offer.

Apologies for my absences. I've been sooo busy of late I've barely had time to think much less blog what with trying to wrangle my bub into a human-type sleeping rhythm, and catching up with my two beautiful BFFs who came all the way from Melbourne to visit. Love you girls, miss you terribly already!

Tomorrow hubby has the day off and is taking my two girls to his mum's so I can write. Woohoo! Though in past weeks I've had the power go off for the whole day, or a non- sleeping bub, or a bung back, or floods. Laptop's charging as we speak, so tomorrow, come hell or high water - literally! - I will write!

Wish me luck!