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Sunday 10 April 2011

go to films

Some writers need silence. Other like to write to music. Me? I like noise. whatever kind of noise. Music. Café chatter. Neighbourhood lawn mowers. Kids’ laughter.

At home writing today on my laptop in the lounge, so as not to wake the Little Man who was asleep in a portacot in my office, I put on a movie in the background just so as to not be distracted by too much silence. The movie? THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. It’s one of my go to films. The ones I can watch a thousand times and love more every time. The ones I would happily have playing as the soundtrack to my life. It has such a bright shiny energy, from the opening strains of Suddenly I See onward through all that gorgeous fashion, I feel myself breathing deeper, smiling to myself. Add MARLEY AND ME and NOTTING HILL to that list and I'm a happy little writer.

Today I wrote. Well. With vim and vigour. Thanks goodness for go to films.

Do you have any go to films? Ones you know will brighten your day? Provide inspiration to walk taller?

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