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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

come say "hi"!

I'm over at the RWAus blog, chatting about my workshop at this year's Conference, Revisions: Rewriting, Editing, Proof-Reading...Oh My!

Here's a taste of what my workshop will be about...
In his fantabulous book "On Writing", Stephen King likens writing a novel to digging for a fossil.  He says, "dig for the bones and see what they look like. I think you may be quite surprised and delighted with the results. Ready? Here we go.

Does that get you as excited as it gets me?  To me that's the exact same buzz I get when I sit down to write a new book; all that possibility shining back at me from the blank page.

Yet I think its important to temper that pressure by realising a story, a sentence, a word need not be perfect  at the first pass.  Writing is preparation, broad strokes, excavating your site with a digger.  Revising is getting down on your hands and knees and carefully clearing the debris from each single bone with a magnifying glass and a brush.

My aim is to shine a light on the many and varied ways you can go about unearthing your novel from the vault of your imagination with as little damage along the way as possible.  To the story, and your sanity ;).

For more, check out the Romance Writers of Australia blog today.

The 2012 Romance Writers of Australia conference, Diamonds Are Forever, is to be held at what looks to be a super chic hotel QT Gold Coast
Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise.

Can't wait!

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