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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

ebook of the month...the magnate's indecent proposal


The book:
THE MAGNATE'S INDECENT PROPOSAL is out this month as a part of the gorgeous "Passionate Playboys" collection.  I mean look at that.  Or maybe I should be saying, "Look back over here!!!" This is also my magic book.  Here's why:

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The excerpt:
‘So what do you know of animal print dog collars?’ the stranger on the phone asked.
Damien's eyes flew back open.  ‘Because...?’
‘That’s why I’m trying to track down Chelsea London.  But I’m now wondering if you’re opinion might be just as valid.’
He checked his watch.  This day was fast slipping away form him.  ‘Unfortunately my only experience with animal print anything has been with the underwear variety.’
‘Yours?’ she asked.
‘That I cannot say for fear I might incriminate myself.’
She paused, and he sensed she was searching for a way to keep him on the line.  With a sigh she said, ‘Alas I have other phone calls to make, hopefully with as much fun but more success.  Good day to you, Mr Halliburton.’
‘Same to you.’  He snapped the phone shut and stared at it for a few seconds as the world continued to walk on by.
Right.  So in the past hour he’d had a woman fall into his arms, one flash her g-string at him, another whisper a suggestion in his ear that would have been more fitting for a key party, and yet another flirt him into intimating he was wearing zebra print undies beneath his Hugo Boss trousers.
For all the female attention he was getting today it was like the women around him had some kind of radar.  Like the only time in his thirty-two years on this planet he wasn’t seeking out any kind of co-ed companionship, it took no kind of effort on his part to have it rolling towards him in waves.
Women... he thought.  Can’t live with them...

Re-released as part of the PASSIONATE PLAYBOYS collection.   
Paperback collection.  Buy the eBookBuy from iTunesMore about the book

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