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Tuesday 13 March 2012

ebook of the month :: the middle of the book panic


The middle of the book panic

So I was about halfway through the writing of this book when I realized it just wasn’t working.  I liked the hero just fine, in fact Damien was perfectly dreamy!  But the heroine was just all wrong.  Too strong, almost, too forceful, too red (I’m a visual writer so that makes perfect sense to me ;)).  They were fighting against one another instead of falling towards one another.  And something had to be done.

So I made the big – and scary! – decision to start again.  With a whole new heroine.  Was a big risk.  But I reckon it paid off.   My big scary heroine was replaced by Chelsea, a serious girl with a plan and a past and the sparks just flew!  Lucky girl.   (And if you want to know what "colour" she is to me, come back next week for more!
Til then, I give you – Chelsea and Damien.

The excerpt:

Chelsea watched as the fiftieth dark suit in eight minutes rounded the corner.
But this one was a half head taller.  A couple of inches broader.  Dark hair gleamed under the created lamplight.  And the length of his strides meant that people simply got out of his way.  She wasn’t sure it was Damien, but at the same time she just knew that it was.
He neared.  He was even more beautiful than she remembered.  More blessed by the gods of all things extraordinary.  Through the noisy crowd their eyes caught and held.  Pacific blue, she thought with an internal sigh, like the ocean at night.
‘Hi Damien,’ she said.
‘Chelsea,’ he said as he stopped in front of her.
She must have swayed towards him, or maybe it was an optical illusion, but he suddenly felt closer.  And then he was leaning in towards her.  She instinctively lifted her cheek for a friendly peck, but instead his lips landed square upon hers.  She blinked in shock for a good second or two before his mouth began to move over hers.
As her eyes flittered closed her hand fluttered up to land gently upon his chest.  His arm slunk around her back to pull her closer.  And right there, in front of a street full of bustling pedestrians, everything floated away, leaving only the taste of him, the scent of him, the feel of his heavenly lips.  Her hand curled into his shirt, and she hoped against hope that would be enough to keep her from collapsing in a puddle at his feet.
When the kiss broke her eyes opened.  A small smile lit his, creases fanning out from the edges.
‘Well what do you know,’ he said, his voice low, rumbling, pure sensuality.
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