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Friday, 22 February 2013

author alterations

Right now I'm working on my author alterations for FAKING IT TO MAKING IT.  Author alterations are the author's last chance to make any changes to a book before it heads out into the big wide world! Nerve-wracking huh?

And yet so much fun.  Especially as by this stage I haven't seen the book for a few months and no longer feel ill reading it for the zillionth time.  It's a little fresh, a  little forgotten, a little surprising, and a big relief at that!

These AA's are particularly enjoyable, as this book was on such a tight deadline I was't sure I'd get to see them at all, so imagine my sigh of relief when they landed in my inbox!

Queue even more relief as this book was sold without a jot of revisions.  Not one.  Sounds awesome right?  Unfortunately, in author world, that clearly means "oh my god they forgot to read it, as no revisions is, like, a total myth, and bought it anyway and what if its complete rubbish!!!"

And far so good ;).

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