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Wednesday, 19 April 2006

the debate rages on

Nathan or Tom? Tom or Nathan? Who will do right by my heroine?

I've been asked to post more pictures, and more information, for some of you who aren't yet sure where to cast your vote. So here goes!

For those of us down under, Tom Williams is iconic - a larrikan, jack of all trades, funny, and he comes across as pretty darned sweet. For those of us who have seen his "free dance" on Dancing With the Stars, we still have trouble rolling out tongues back into our mouths even when just thinking about it. He was also a qualified carpenter before getting his TV job.

Now bring on Nathan Fillion. Before Trish Wylie oohed and ahhed and sent me pictures, he was the guy from "A Guy A Girl and a Pizza Place" who married the blonde chick. (I only just remembered that I actually saw him live in LA five years ago when we got tickets to see a filming of that TV show! Trish will use that agansit me I'm sure!!!) Then he was the bad guy on Buffy who did horrible mean things to Zander so I liked him not a jot. But then came "Serenity" - the movie of the "Firefly" TV show. Sigh... That voice, that charm, that smile...

So Nathan or Tom? Tom or Nathan? And does it matter? Well for this little chook it does.

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