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Monday, 18 September 2006

my dog the herald

The dog woke me up this morning.

For a tiny little dog Squiffy has huge ears. Bat's ears really. She can pick up sounds no other creature on earth could possibly hear. She can hear the word "walk" from three rooms away. She can hear a dog on the television even if it is asleep. She can hear the sound of an M&M being put into a person's mouth (I think she learnt that one from me).

And this morning? This morning as the sane world slept, from beneath her three layers of blankets wrapped tight around the cocoon she had made for herself at the end of my bed, she heard a van pull up, a little man walk up our grass lawn and drop a small box at the front door.

By the time I checked the peep hole there was no evidence of said man, but knowing my dog's ears as I do, I opened the door and checked. And oila! A package! For me! With the hardcover copies of my January release MEANT-TO-BE MOTHER.

What a lovely surprise, especially since I adore the cover to bits. It's set in tropical Cairns with a party girl flight attendant heroine and a goooooorgeous single dad cabinet maker, and I think the feel of the cover is just lovely.

Though maybe next time the delivery guy can come a couple of hours later in the day, then my world would be an even happier place!

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