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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I'm reading... my first ever nora roberts!

About a week ago, upon a recommendation from my mum, whose taste often mirrors mine (the woman owns every book by Dick Francis and LaVyrle Spender - 'nuff said!) I was forced to grab a copy of  Nora Roberts "Vision in White".   It's the first of a four book series dubbed the "Bride Quartet", and the first Nora Roberts I've ever read.  I know, how, right?

Skip to a week later and I'm half way through book  four, that's how  much I just love love loooove this series!!!  I cried three times in the first chapter alone.  Seriously.

The four heroines are four long time best friends who run a wedding planning business together from the gorgeous family estate they all but grew up on.  The wedding planner thing has been done many times over in romantic fiction but the strength of the women's friendships, their backgrounds, the way the heroes fit into their lives makes this series a total stand out.  You wish you were on the inside of their tight clan.

Did I mention I loved this series.  Yeah?  Well I did!

Buy "Vision in White" here!  Today.  This instant!!!

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