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Thursday, 28 September 2006

long live love

I, like much of Australia, watched Terri Irwin's TV interview last night, the first since her husband Steve's death a couple of weeks back.

I never knew much about Steve Irwin, for he was a much bigger character overseas than he ever was here. Huge in the States, so much so that his passing was headline news all over the country there. To me he was the goofy guy in the khakis with the broad Aussie accent and big smile who said "crikey" alot.

But something that had always sunk in, that played in the back of my subconcious was that he and Terri had a great love affair. For any two people working together, and living together can be hard work. They made it look easy. They made it look fun. And I believe that was because for them it was. For they were in love. Meant to be. And watching her last night, I spent an hour in tears. She was so strong, and so open, and so warm. And giving of moments that she had shared with her husband.

She told of how she thought her evenings would be the hardest as he was the cook and that was family time. But how she feels such a measure of peace, like he is comforting her.

She told of the time he was stricken with grief about the death of his mother and she just sat with him all night with her hand on his heart saying nothing. When he woke up the next morning his first words to her were 'I think you just saved my life.'

And then she relived the first time she went down the rickety, dark, wet, winding stairs to the crock pool at Australia Zoo without him. Without him walking before her as he always went first just in case she fell he could catch her. Doens't that just break your heart?

My heart goes out to her. It truly does. And in a strange sad twist it also made me feel proud of what I do for a living. That I create, and forward and promote the idea that true love is out there for the taking. Terri and Steve proved that every day.

Long live love.