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Thursday 5 October 2006

good morning

Okay, so yesterday I sent off proof edits for my tenth book BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP back to my editor. I looove this book. Adored writing it (for the most part ;) - I have kindly forgotten about the horro month in the middle where I got stuck and couldn't see my way clear). So it was a real pleasure to revisit Tom and Maggie.

I also finished draft on my next Romance yesterday! With a whole 5 days to spare until deadline!!! Yay me!!! The fact that it is 66, 869 words when it needs to be ~ 52,000 cannot be the issue this morning or I might just cry. The issue is that I allowed myself the pleasure of writing those two beautiful words: THE END.

So that was my yesterday.

And this morning? This morning the last of the Robbie Williams tickets went on sale. I missed out the last two times I tried, clicking "reload" on the internet and redial on the phone for two hours each time with no luck. No joy. No light at the end of the tunnel. Not a surprise considering he's the fastest ticket seller EVER! But I never gave up. Never surrendered to the idea that my friends and I would not be going. I told them to keep strong, to save their pennies as I would come through.

So today at 9am I rang the ticket place and got through!!! Still, I sat on the phone for 45 minutes, this time battling against a touch phone system that had flaws up the wazoo and kept sending me in a loop that simply wouldn't give me tickets. In the end I pressed a button to get me an operator, frustrated that I would miss out again. Grrrr....

At the same time I checked the internet and the only tickets coming through were standing level. Being that I am no longer 17 this just wasn't an option. I was ready to give up, to hang up, to finally realise Robbie and I were not going to have a date in late December as I had hoped. And then the operator came on the line.

"Hi," said I, "I know there are probably only standing tickets left, but I thought I might as well hang on and ask."

"How many?' asked she.

'I need four."


Okay so this wasn't looking good. After another fifteen minutes of computer errors, hopes dashed as even tickets in blocks of 2 and 2 were not to be found, the lady on the phone put me on hold to find out if any more tickets might go on sale later on.

I cleaned beneath my fingernails, checked my email, doddled, and didn't even have a flciker of a hope.

And then she came back on the phone. "Okay, so we have four tickets, Level 2, Gold Section. Seated. Do you want them?"

Did I???

The tickets are fantastic, they are for the very last night of his World Tour, and Robbie and I will be together again!

This has been a good morning!!!