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Tuesday 10 October 2006

meet the cluckers

Meet my two chooks - Laverne and Shirley.

They live inside a warm black cage at night (during winter we put in in our back shed with a light on it to keep it extra warm!) and they have the run of the backyard every day.

They make gorgeous cooing clucky sounds when they hear the back door open. The peck and scavange and have made friends with all the local birds who think their cage is like a party house with all the food and water on tap!

They've even made friends with the local cats who haven't actually reaslied they are birds. We often find tabbies sitting in the backyard licking their paws with the chooks pecking a foot away.

So far no eggs, which was the point in the first place. But now they are just so fluffy and cute that they are part of the family. Along with Mary and Frederik the black-headed pythons, the four gold fish, Squiffy the dog, and my husband I fear I am outnumbered!