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Friday, 7 September 2007

i'm an auntie!!!

Boy oh boy was today some day.

After finding out my little sister had gone into labour at 6:30 last night I've been beside myself with excitement, worry, nerves, delerium, exhaustion... Especially when she lives two states away.

Until the news came through that my nephew, Rory Blake Hilton - how gorgeous is that? - was born at 12:45pm after 18 odd hours labour! 8 pounds 8. Phew! I'm exhausted so I can't imagine how tired Suze is!

This is the first piccie I've seen taken on his dad's mobile phone. Can't wait to meet him!!!!!!!!! Though I think everyone should have thought of me far more during the whole process - the poor stressed pregnant sister at home waiting by the phone ALL day ;).

La-di-dah. Off to float some more...