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Friday 30 April 2010

cover art

Was wandering the shops yesterday afternoon as a bunch of strangers traipsed through my open house and thought I needed a new book to read, so naturally I headed to the Harlequin Mills and Boon aisle! And what did I see there? My latest book!

Even if I do say so myself I think the Australian cover of my latest Sweet Romance MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS is rather gorgeous. Especially as the hero and heroine are absolutely spot on!

See my hero, the beautiful Zach, is dark and mysterious and keeps his cards close to his chest. While my heroine Meg thinks she's tough, as growing up she had to be in order to make any kind of impression in her mega-famous family, but really she is soft an squishy and just wants to be loved. And boy did the cover fairies get that right!

And how seriously beautiful is that craggy cliffside - all dangerous and stunning and far from everywhere. What better place for an It Girl hiding from the world and a reclusive millionaire hiding from himself to find one another?

MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS is out now across Australia and New Zealand. Grab it from your local bookstore, or if you live anywhere else in the world, grab it from The Book Depository and get free delivery world-wide!!!


Sunday 25 April 2010

great flicks!

I've seen a host of great flicks of late, borrowed from friends and watched in snippets while kidlets are asleep or scoffing vegemite sandwiches. Here's my quick reviews:

The Blind Side. Real, nuanced, moving, brilliantly non-schmaltzy considering the subject mater is sooo heart-warming. Sandra Bullock is BRILLIANT. Tough, subtle, likeable. Lovd it to bits. And so - shock! - did hubby.

Moon. Hubby and I stuck it in the DVD player one night to see what it was about and simply didn't turn it off! A practical one man show. Fascinating, clever, sad. Sam Rockwell rocks!

The Time Traveller's Wife. Never read the book as I'd heard as many people loved it as those who couldn't get past the first chapter and this mum can't be concentrating too hard in the 5 minutes reading time I get a day before falling asleep! Enjoyed the film. Well handled. Adore Rachel McAdams always. Eric Bana was lovely. Great chemistry. Just wish the art direction had been a little lighter.

Any new to DVD movies you can recommend? I have the bug!!!


Sunday 18 April 2010

meet juniper falls

MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS (out now in the UK!) is set in the beautiful surrounds of the Juniper Falls Rainforest Retreat. It's a made up joint, but the National Park in the depths of the Gold Coast Hinterland is not.

Think winding roads leading through massive rain forest trees. Hidden waterfalls at the end of tropical walks. Heavy dank air that smells of fresh water and summer. Add in a mountain top lake, a hideaway resort and a gorgeous guy, Juniper Falls is a place worth believing in!

Here's a taste...

Meg followed Zach into a gap in the rock. And darkness. And sudden dank coolness. The sweat covering her whole body brought her skin up in goose bumps.

Bit by bit, step by slow step, Meg’s eyes became used to the gloom. Up ahead, through the bobbing heads of her fellow hikers, there was light. Eerie, green light.

Then suddenly she stepped onto the edge of a high-domed cave. At her feet lapped a pool of bright green water clear enough to see the floor was made of a tumble of smooth stones of all shapes and sizes. Above, through a gap way up high in the ceiling, a stunning, glowing, white sheet of water splashed magnificently into the deep centre of the pool. It was literally one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen.

‘I give you Juniper Falls,’ Zach said from somewhere to her right.

Meg couldn’t think of a thing to say back. She just let it wash over her – the noise, the colour, the primal violence and beauty of it all.

‘Worth the early start?’ Zach asked some time later.

‘And then some,’ she said, drawing her eyes away from the spectacle to give him a quick smile.

A couple of nearby cameras flashes went off. She took a step away from him, her eyes instantly scanning the crowd for the offender. But everyone was ogling the waterfall, not their blurry shapes in the semi-darkness.

‘Photos don’t do it justice,’ he said. ‘Just look, listen, absorb, get your fill. You won’t forget. This moment will be with you forever.’

While Zach kept his gaze dead ahead, and despite the splendour raging in front of her, Meg’s remained locked on him.

As though he knew just what she was taking her fill of, he turned to look at her. His brows came together and his right cheek creased into a sexy arch, questioning her. She shook her head, shrugged. What could she possibly say?

I hope it gives you a little ray of sunshine as summer heads your way (or leaves you behind for those in the Southern Hemisphere!)
April UK, May AUS/NZ

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Wednesday 14 April 2010

meet meg KELLY

Meet Meg Kelly, only girl in the verrrry infamous and very macho Kelly family from MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS. (I mean have you seen her brothers Dylan & Cameron? If not check out their stories too!)

Here's a little taste of what Zach Kelly thinks of her when they first meet, and keep in mind, she's one of the most famous women in the country, so a guy who sees anything beyond the facade she shows the world is an impressive thing...

Now why did he have to go and touch her?

A simple, ‘Watch out for the tree,’ would have sufficed. Instead, constant glimpses of that tattoo peeking out from the rise of her shorts had been like a magnet.

Now he had to do this thing with the sensation of that soft warm skin imprinted on the tips of his fingers.

Zach curled said fingers into his palm and took a small step to the left to add a little more physical distance between himself and the woman at his side. The woman whose very proximity could expose everything he’d worked so hard to keep preserved. Protected. Pure.

He stretched out his shoulders and shot her a sideways glance. He had to concede that for a woman who appeared to bloom under the spotlight like an orchid in a hothouse, in person she was smaller, more low-key, and more approachable than he’d expected her to be. Funny, mischievous, switched on...

Until provoked, he reminded himself. Then the spice far outweighed the sugar.

April UK, May AUS/NZ


Saturday 10 April 2010

meet zach jones

Meet Zach Jones.

This is how Meg Kelly in MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS sees him when they first meet. How she managed to keep from drooling through the entire conversation I have no idea! He's super yum, even if I do say so myself! And here they are together...

‘So, Zach Jones, from what I hear around the traps you own this joint.’

The full frontal approach brought out a combative glint in his darker than dark eyes. If possible it only made the guy more tempting. Warmth curled through her empty stomach.

But rather than doing the polite thing and answering her charge, he ignored it and asked, ‘How long are you planning on staying?’

Frustration began to war convincingly well with attraction. In response her practiced smile only grew wider.

‘A survey?’ she said, lobbing it right back in his corner. ‘Aren’t you the hands on boss?’

The most sensuous mouth she’d ever laid eyes on kicked into a sexy almost-smile, creating an arc in his cheek that hinted at so much more, but still it never quite reached his eyes. He didn’t believe her devil-may-care performance for a second.

April UK, May AUS/NZ


Thursday 8 April 2010

after a new romance?

Is it April already?!?!? I can't believe we're already a week in, it's been one crazy month! Buying a house, getting ready to sell a house, writing a book... Imagine my head spinning and spinning and spinning.

That said, I am very excited to shout out that my latest Mills and Boon Romance, MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS, is out now across the UK!!!

To be one of the first to read about 'It' girl Meg and Zach the reclusive billionaire who sees the real girl behind the mask, grab a copy now from the Book Depository, get 20% off the cover price and free delivery world-wide!

MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS (the cover to the left) is out across Australia & New Zealand in May.


Monday 5 April 2010

male on monday

I'm over at the Pink Heart Society today chatting about the latest entry in my MASSIVE hero folder on my computer.

He's yummy, he's got a great voice, and he's funny so you have to come over and have a look!!!

Okay, so I can't wait, here's a couple a piccies to get you in the mood...

Go Bradley, go Bradley, go Bradley!

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