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Saturday, 4 June 2011

when it’s okay to just give in

Six weeks ago I waved the white flag and surrendered, giving up on a book I’d been slaving over for months.

I realized I’d spent a month rewriting the first chapter over and over again in an effort to find make it sparkly, delicious, melt in the mouth writing. Instead, like over-worked scone dough, the story had become hard, heavy, something you’d want to sink your teeth into about as much as a rock. The characters were lethargic. The plot numbing. I was sinking fast.

In an effort to find my way back, I let myself spend an entire precious writing session on a new idea instead. And you know what? It flowed from my fingertips like warm honey. Such light, such brightness, such fun funny characters who I just adored.

And that was that. Decision made. 80% of a whole book out the window. 50,000 words of a new unknown story in front of me. Eek!

Best decision I could have made. I’m loooving the new story into which I have thrown myself. I’ve written huge word counts every day and it feels like the cleanest narrative I’ve ever written. I can’t wait to get out and write every time I get the chance. Right now my job is a constant pleasure.

The moral of the tale – writing can be hard work. A slog. A pain in the ass. Pushing through the hard parts can make for strong books. But if it just ain’t working, sometimes it is okay to pack it in! Because that fresh new idea bubbling and sizzling and dancing in the corner of your mind may just give you the excitement and inspiration you need to write something you really love. The key is being honest about the difference.

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