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Saturday, 29 April 2006

bring on may

Wow, what a month April has been!

I've been blogging at eHarlequin, and writing as a "fan in the outer" for my fave team in the whole world, the Collingwood Football Club - who have won three games in a row!!!

I had a rather public tug-of-war over Nathan Fillion with Trish Wylie. For those of you following closely, in the end she has agreed to lend me some very nice bits of Mr Fillion for use in my work in progress for which I will be eternally grateful!

I've had my first ever Outback book - A FATHER IN THE MAKING - released in North America and helped to create all new blogs for both the Harlequin Romance line and for the upcoming BRIDES OF BELLA LUCIA miniseries with the lovely Liz Fielding.

I wrote half a new book in a week before my brother-in-law and his lovely girlfriend Krystal came over to stay, making sure we get out of the house to places like The Lobster Cave - a fabulous seafood restaurant, and a Melbourne institution down by the beach.

Now after all that excitement I'm come down with a head cold.

Do you think I could wind down a bit in May? Maybe a couple of weeks of rest and recuperation?

Hahahahahahahahaaaa. That's a mean cruel and nasty thing to even suggest! With visitors, appearances and a June 1st deadline, picture me knocking back ginger and lemon tea and lozenges like there's no tomorrow.


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