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Friday, 21 April 2006

my tom

Trish Wylie is an utter darling!

Over the past days as we have wrestled over the use of a certain actor to fulfil the role of "hero" inspiration in books and life, it may not have seemed so. Heck, I may have portrayed her as a possessive, and mean and just plain unfair for not allowing me to have free rein on the man who was giving my muse such a good time.

But in the last day, not only has darling Trish been kind enough to allow me to use the specific bits of Nathan that I really truly need in order to be able to write this book of mine - check out Trish's blog for a very clear rundown - but she has also given the world this picture.

For that Trish, I thank you. Tom thanks you. Heck, my heroine Maggie thanks you!

Friends again?

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