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Monday, 6 June 2011

pillow talk ~ sexy or sweet?

Danielle was wondering whether I preferredd writing sexy or sweet. She - good girl that she is - loves reading them both. And you know what? I do too! As for writing them I prefer...


When I first started writing my style, voice and stories were just built for "sweet" romance, otherwise known as Cherish in the UK, and Harlequin Romance in North America. I write quite nice earnest heroines, and warm, strong, protective heroes. THE WEDDING WISH was bought at a time when that line was branching out into new lighter, funnier territory brimming with secondary characters which lucky for me was exactly how I write. (It was re-released in the UK earlier this year - grab a copy here)

Branching out into the sexier stuff was something I was never sure I could do - or even wanted to do considering how blissfully happy I was in the Romance line - until one day a story demanded to be written. I had time, I had an idea that wouldn't say no so I started writing to see what would happen. I wrote half a book in a week. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 25,000 words in one week. This was pre-children mind you! GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS was my first sexier book and it was my 11th overall. (It was also rereleased in the UK earlier this year - grab a copy here!)

So I really do love writing both. And having the chance to stretch my writing muscles in slightly different directions I believe makes my writing stronger as a whole. I only hope my readers enjoy both as much as I love writing them!

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